Our Story

Welcome to jrgames.ie.

My name is Mary and here's a semi decent photo of me with my 3 kids!  I founded the company because I wanted to buy a Galway GAA jigsaw puzzle for my friend's children and I couldn't!  I figured I couldn't be the only one who would want to buy a GAA jigsaw puzzle, so I set up this company.  I hope I'm not wrong with my theory!! 

JR stands for Jake and Rose, 2 of my 3 children.  My youngest child wasn't born when the company was, so he missed out on being included in the name...I hope he doesn't mind!

We have lots of plans to expand into other counties, sports and products, so stay tuned for more.  But as a proud Galway GAA fan, there was only ever one team I was going to start with.  

It pleases us no end that as an officially licensed GAA product, a percentage from every sale goes back to that particular county.   We are massive GAA fans, so we love that we are giving back to the teams that bring us so much joy (and heartbreak at times!).  

Yours in sport,