Lost a Piece?

Nothing beats the satisfaction of putting that final piece of the puzzle together.  But then that's shattered when you realise that it's not the final piece because there's one missing!  We understand how frustrating it is to lose a jigsaw puzzle piece, we've been there!  If that happens to you, we will send you a replacement, free of charge.  You'll just need to cover postage of €2.  Send us your order number and a picture of your GAA jigsaw puzzle so we can identify the missing piece and we'll send it out to you.  By doing this, our hope is that you'll get longer out of our jigsaws, but also that you'll be more likely to pass it on to someone else when you are done with it and therefore save some jigsaws from ending up in the recycling bin!  Contact us on info@jrgames.ie and we'll take it from there!